JOPLIN, Mo. — About 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning reports of a possible water main break in the 1000 block of West 11th, between S. Murphy Ave and S. Picher Ave. 

Joplin Fire Department responded and observed water coming through the asphalt in the street in numerous places. The roadway was buckled as well in these areas as water flowed from beneath. 

“Knowing the name and boundaries of the place where you live is the first step in building a community where neighbors thrive together. There is something about knowing a place’s name that builds a sense of connection and pride for that place.” — ONE JOPLIN

Missouri American Water were notified and responded. We believe the water main break (6” line) will be repaired today. Expect possible interruption of water service in the immediate area. 

This is in the Byers & Murphy Neighborhood according to the ONE JOPLIN neighborhood map. One of Joplin’s oldest neighborhoods.

There are more than 90 recognized neighborhoods in Joplin city limits. With it’s long history and nearly 150 years of growing many neighborhoods are named after city founders, those who built additions, or former villages or burgs that were added to the city. 

The ONE JOPLIN map was created after the Joplin Tornado to give many a feeling of belonging. Click to find your neighborhood.