JOPLIN, Mo. — The Jasper County Sheriff’s Department confirms this morning (3/17) that the semi truck involved in last night’s crash, was in fact stolen.

Chief Deputy, Derek Walrod with the Department says that sheriff’s deputies were sent to Richard’s Truck Repair, located at 462 West 7th, in Joplin.

Upon arriving just after midnight (3/17), deputies made contact with an employee of Richard’s Truck Repair, who requested to file a stolen vehicle report, stating that a semi-truck belonging to Magnate Trucking out of Joplin, was stolen from the repair shop where he works.

While searching the property, deputies found that a section of the front fence was heavily damaged.

According to Chief Deputy Walrod, the employee told deputies that the suspect, who has yet to be identified, possibly acquired a key to Richard’s Repair Shop from a previous burglary that took place there, which allowed that suspect to regain entry and drive off in the stolen semi.

But, before the stolen vehicle report was called in, that semi truck was found just a few hours earlier, in a residential neighborhood just west of Joplin, near the intersection of Junge Boulevard and Stardust Lane.

It was discovered by those who heard the semi speeding through several yards, smashing into a concrete slab and several large tree branches, before crossing the gravel road of Stardust Lane and crashing into a wooden fence and two vehicles parked there.

If anyone has information on who stole that semi, they’re asked to contact the Missouri Highway Patrol, Troop D at (417) 895-6877.

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