JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin City Council received an update from the real estate company that’s bringing an eight-screen movie theatre project to Joplin.

Woodsonia Real Estate, based out of Omaha, Nebraska, is the master developer for the 32nd Street Place Redevelopment, which is a $200 million dollar project bringing Menards Home Improvement store, 250 multifamily housing units, and a B&B Theatre to the area of 32nd street and Hammons Boulevard.

Tonight, (9/18) The owner and founder of Woodsonia, Drew Snyder, spoke to the Joplin City Council, where he outlined the progress of the theatre project in a PowerPoint presentation, which you can find, HERE.

32nd Street and Hammons Blvd. is the location site of B&B Theatres in Joplin.

In the presentation, a recent market study shows strong demand and a lack of competition. The study claims there is only one other theatre in Joplin — Regal Hollywood 14, which Snyder says does not have the modern experiences that B&B Joplin will present to movie-goers.

B&B Theatre’s main building will be nearly 40,000 square feet, located on 8.3 acres at the Southeast corner of Hammons Blvd. at 32nd Street. The building will include 8 movie theatre screens, a restaurant/bar area, an arcade, and additional entertainment space. Snyder says the amenities will be state of the art with the theatre portion containing reclining seats, large screen formats, and an MX4D experience.

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During the question-and-answer session at tonight’s Joplin City Council Meeting — Mayor Pro Tem, Keenan Cortez asked Snyder if the sound coming from trains crossing 32nd Street, behind the proposed building site for B&B Theatres — will be noticeable to those watching movies inside. “We’ve taken that into consideration, and with the building materials that will be used and the placement of retaining walls and drainage areas, passing trains won’t be noticeable to those inside the theatre,” Snyder responded.

B&B Theatres in Joplin is currently in the design phase. A Kansas City-based architectural firm is creating the building plans. B&B Theatres is expected to open in early 2025.