JOPLIN, Mo. — An upcoming dedication ceremony will celebrate an unearthed piece of history in Joplin’s Spiva Park.

A mineral bed dating back to 1966 was recently discovered in the park by George A. Spiva’s own grandson.

It was during a clean-up effort back in May of this year, meant to help spruce up the area.

An original photo was then uncovered and showed the fencing around the bed with a sign from “Tri-State Mineral Society.”

The executive director of the “Joplin Arts District” wanted to make sure that spot no longer gets overgrown with weeds and other plants.

So, she reached out to the “Joplin History and Mineral Museum” to help identify the minerals in the bed.

Once those were identified, the “Joplin Historical Society” sponsored a sign with an informative QR code, that will be unveiled later this week.

“We feel really honored that we have a place in that park and also honored that, you know, in 1966 this group that put those specimens there for the park, that we honor them. So, we know that you know, it’s restored and it looks nice for the community,” said Paula Callihan, President, Joplin Historical Society.

The sign dedication ceremony is this Tuesday, December 13th, at “Spiva Park” starting at 2 p.m.

“Spiva Park” is located at 4th and Main Streets in downtown Joplin.