JOPLIN, Mo. — Two Joplin High School students are nationally recognized for their exemplary PSAT scores.

Seniors Alissa Kean and Parker Williamson have earned awards from the College Board. Kean is a National African American Recognition Award winner, while Williamson is a National Indigenous Award winner.

“It’s a sector and a group that isn’t often recognized. It isn’t considered one of like, when we think about the minorities that need more recognition. It isn’t the group that we first think of. So it’s important that we are still looking at them and helping them move forward,” said Williamson.

“They’re important, so especially for like other Black students can know they can also achieve this type of recognition nationally, and not just, you know, be like stuck in one particular area. And it’s also just important like for me, for scholarships and have colleges know that I did receive an award by College Board,” said Kean.

College Board recognition programs celebrate the hard work and academic test scores of students. The honors are reserved for Black, Indigenous, and/or Latino students, as well as students in rural areas.