TANEY COUNTY, Mo. — A former Lamar Missouri Police officer, now a Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper, is recognized for investigative work that no doubt thwarted a kidnapping.

During an August 8, 2021 traffic stop on US-65 in Taney County, Tpr Zachary Costley conducted a vehicle traffic stop on a registration violation. The driver refused to identify himself and was arrested.

Tpr Costley is a native of Lamar in Barton County and a graduate of Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas.

A search of the man’s pockets revealed a list of items that could be used in a kidnapping or planned assault:

  • duct tape
  • zip ties
  • bat
  • stun gun

Tpr Costley applied for a search warrant and found some of those items in the vehicle.

“He also applied for a search warrant for the driver’s cell phone and learned the man and his wife were allegedly conspiring to kidnap their children from a foster home. A review of the foster home’s security camera footage revealed the man had recently surveilled the home.

Zachary’s vigilance and ability to recognize certain criminal behaviors and then take immediate, necessary action most likely prevented a serious violent crime from occurring.”


Tpr Zachary Costley is recognized across the state as the sworn team member of the Missouri Dept of Public Safety for the month of Dec. 2021 for the “thoroughness of his investigative work following a traffic stop.”

He was a member of the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s 110th Recruit Class, graduating from the Patrol Academy on Jan. 20, 2021. He was assigned to Troop D, Zone 15 which cover the counties of Taney and Stone .

Costley’s younger brothers of note are involved in law enforcement. Cpl. Issac Costley served at the Joplin Police Dept in numerous roles before moving to Colorado in 2021. Youngest brother Eli Costley is set to graduate Missouri Southern State University Police Academy this weekend and has already been hired at the Joplin Police Dept.

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