JOPLIN, Mo. — We couldn’t resist sharing “We wish you would keep your car locked” feat. Sgt Kirby of the LaGrange Georgia Police Dept. His ‘Quarantine Quartet’ is from 2020 but applies to any season. And a perfect fit as a part of our Crime-Free Christmas Tips (see video above).

AVOID STOLEN CAR: LaGrange Georgia Police Dept.

  1. Always keep your car doors locked.
  2. Never leave your keys inside your car.
  3. Never leave your car unattended while it’s running. 

KEEP AWAY PORCH PIRATES: Sarcoxie Missouri Police Dept.

  1. Network with your neighbors
  2. Have you packages delivered to your work
  3. Leave specific drop-off instructions
  4. Install security cameras

If you have had a package stolen the following links will help you make claims:

PROTECT YOUR PRESENTS: Duquesne Missouri Police Dept

  1. LOCK YOUR CAR: Most are opportunistic crimes, meaning if the door is locked, the suspect will move on until they find one unlocked.
  2. REMOVE VALUABLES: Put items in trunk. Perhaps keep an old blanket in the car to throw over things you can’t hide.
  3. LIGHTED PARKING: When shopping park under good lighting or where you know camera are placed.
  4. BONUS REMINDER GUNS: Don’t leave your firearm in the car. 
“The Arkansas State Police would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Our troopers are out in full force, keeping you safe, and making sure that you get to your destination safely!”

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