Czech metal band Doga performs at Joplin City Hall on October 19th, 2023.

JOPLIN, Mo. — Route 66, the Mother Road. For decades, it’s attracted people from around the world. And for one group from the Czech Republic, it’s been a dream and an inspiration.

“For us, from the Czech Republic, it’s a bit crazy right now,” said Roman Izaiáš, Frontman/Guitarist, Doga.

Izaiáš said when he set out on his Route 66 journey, he never imagined a reception like this.

“It’s amazing that you blocked the road for us.”

Izaiáš is the frontman and a guitarist for the Czech band “Doga,” and the band is touring the Mother Road for a very specific reason.

“Three years ago, they recorded a song named ‘Route 66,’ and this song became a big hit in the Czech Republic,” said Zdenek Jurasek, President of Czech Route 66 Association.

The song was so popular, they asked Zdenek Jurasek, President of the Czech Route 66 Association, to set up the trip that brought them to Joplin Thursday.

“They decided to go on Route 66 with their fans and to record and create a new video and a new documentary for Czech TV,” said Jurasek.

Izais said, for the band, the song captures the spirit they grew up dreaming about.

“At first, it was my big dream to go on my motorcycle on Route 66, but I know the great places on Route 66 now, and for me, it’s about the freedom, and I think it’s about what every biker would like to feel,” said Izaiáš.

“It’s America’s longest museum, I say. It’s nostalgia,” said Patrick Tuttle, Director, Joplin Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Tuttle said people from more than 40 nations have made the same trip so far in 2023.

“Route 66 has been a very popular destination for internationals this year of all sorts, whether they’re doing the entire route, or doing parts of it that are important to them.”

The tour started a few days ago in Los Angeles and is moving east.

“We are traveling on Route 66 because we are Route 66 pub tour 2023; we played yesterday our third show, and on Friday, we will play our last show here on Route 66,” said Izaiáš.

Leaving them with memories for a lifetime.

“It’s an amazing place here, and we really appreciate it. Joplin is a very nice city.” Izaiáš added.