JOPLIN, Mo. — In a recorded public service announcement in 2018 for the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety the Swann family, of Oronogo, shared the story of brother, uncle, and son, Jason Swann, who was hit by a drunk driver. 

Sgt Jared Swann of the Joplin Police Dept, “What happened to my brother was in Dec. 1999, he was hit by a drunk driver. It ended up killing the front seat passenger. And then my brother ended up basically making him disabled.” 

Jason suffered a brain stem injury. His mind was ok but he could not walk or talk. He could only communicate by blinking and small facial gestures.

The other mother lost a child,” The Swann brothers mother, Lynita Leggett says near tears. “I still have my son to hug everyday. But he can’t do anything.” 

People that think buzzed driving is ok? Eventually it will catch up to you. You will get caught or you will get hurt,” Sgt Swann states.

The year following the public service announcement, Jason Swann died in November of 2019. Nearly 20 years to the day he was injured. 

“The other mother lost a child,” Lynita Leggett says near tears. “I still have my son to hug everyday. But he can’t do anything.”

And that’s why I work as hard as I do to make sure this never happens again.”

Sgt Jared Swann

”Impaired driving accounts for approximately 20% of the traffic fatalities in Missouri. While the dangers of drunk driving are relatively well known, impaired driving is not limited to alcohol use. It also consists of drugs, including prescription medications, and physical impairments such as drowsy driving, poor vision, or reduced cognitive capabilities.” — The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety

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