LAWRENCE COUNTY, Mo. — There are nine people involved and arrested facing charges regarding the shooting death of Sarah Pasco, 27, of Aurora, and shooting a second, unnamed victim, who survived.

The alleged gunman, and taken into custody last, August, 20.

The final suspect, and alleged gunman, Gary Wayne Hunter, Jr., was arrested without incident at a Branson, Missouri, motel, Thursday August 20.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office is happy to report that all nine (9) suspects in the recent homicide investigation are now in custody.

Just moments ago, the lone remaining suspect at large was taken into custody in a motel room in Branson, Mo.  Gary Wayne Hunter, Jr. is no longer being sought.

Lawrence County Detectives have been working tirelessly with multiple other agencies around southwest Missouri in tracking down the suspects.

The latest part of the investigation led detectives to a possible location at a Branson motel. 

With the assistance of Branson PD, the Taney County Sheriff’s Office, Missouri State Highway Patrol, ATF and the Springfield Police Department, the motel was surrounded and Hunter was ordered to give himself up. 

Hunter complied and then exited the room and was taken into custody without incident.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office wishes to thank all agencies involved from the beginning as well as the countless tips from citizens who did not rest until all suspects were in custody.

Sheriff Brad DeLay, Lawrence County, Missouri

CLICK TO VIEW the PROBABLE CAUSE that outlines the events and also the CRIMINAL COMPLAINT filed.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

The incident began in Stotts City at the corner of Mt. Vernon Street and Center Street when Gary Hunter walked up to a truck with two women inside. Hunter asked if he could get in, and the driver let him. Investigators say once he was in the truck, Hunter put a pistol to the head of one of the women, Sarah Pasco, and told the other woman (confidential victim 1) to drive.

The intersection in Stotts City that Gary Hunter approached the two victims and got in their vehicle.

The three drove to the home of Christina Knapp in Lawrence County. Deputies say Hunter knew Knapp. Charging documents say Hunter told Knapp to grab his AR/AK type gun from a black Ford Explorer. Once Knapp brought Hunter the gun, according to investigators, he told the two women in the truck to get out. The women refused. Sarah Pasco and Hunter started to argue, leading Hunter to fire the AR/AK at the truck. He ordered the two again to get out of the truck, and they did.

Investigators say Andrew Cypret, who living on the property of Christina Knapp, came out to see both female victims digging graves in Christina’s yard.

“Andrew Cypret was handed the AR/AK type firearm, and he set in a lawn chair and watch (the victims) dig the holes, with Gary Hunter proclaiming he was going in the house to get a .22 to cap them,” the PC statement says.

Also, at the Knapp property was Siera Dunham. Siera arrived there with her boyfriend, Frank Sheridan. Frank was there to help Gary Hunter bandage a wound he had suffered earlier in the day. After that, Dunham talked with Hunter saying she wanted the sunglasses that Sarah Pasco, one of the victims, was wearing.

Hunter took the sunglasses and gave them to Dunham. At this point, investigators say, Pasco and the other victim were getting into the trunk of Cypret’s car. Deputies say they aren’t sure what led to that moment. Documents show Dunham then asked for the shoes that Sarah Pasco was wearing.

“Gary Hunter told Siera Dunham ‘NO’ (confidential victim 1) (Sarah) was going to need them where they were going,” the PC statement says.

After the two victims were in the trunk, Hunter took the shoes off Sarah and gave them to Dunham, according to investigators.

While this was happening, Kimberly Henderson, Cypret’s mother, came to the property, found the keys to the truck and gave them to Gary saying, “You are going to be needing these.”

The suspects then drove the Toyota Corolla with Pasco and the other female victim in the trunk following Hunter, driving the victims truck, to an abandoned well west of Miller, Missouri. Once they stopped, Hunter told Lyle Delong, Diona Parks, and Cypret to take the truck and drive off. Delong, Parks, and a man named Steven Calvarley were riding with Andrew in the Corolla.

Deputies say after Hunter told the three to leave the area in the truck, he told Pasco and the other victim to get in the well.

“Where is XXXXX?” asked Hunter, according to the probable cause statement.

“I don’t know,” Sarah responded.

“You can thank XXXXXX,” Hunter responded as he proceeded to shoot Sarah in the head with his handgun, causing her to die instantly, according to investigators. The other victim (confidential victim 1) hid under Pasco. She was shot, and played dead until Hunter and the other suspects remaining on the scene left.

Documents show as Hunter was leaving, he called Cypret and told him to “light up the truck or you are really going to screw me.”

Cypret shared the message with Delong and Parks. Investigators say Cypret gave his shirt to Delong, who then stuffed it in the gas reservoir while Parks gave him a lighter to light the shirt on fire, causing the truck to burn. Authorities found the burned truck in Dade County.

Once Hunter had left, the woman who was shot and survived got out of the well and called authorities, telling them what had happened. A member of the Miller Rural Fire Protection District found the body of Sarah Pasco in the well Sunday night.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

  • Female victim identified as Sarah Pasco, 27, from Aurora, Missouri
  • Five charged with first-degree murder
    • Andrew J. Cypret, 27, of Billings
    • Lyle B. Delong, 23, of Stotts City
    • Gary Hunter, 24, Mt. Vernon
    • Siera Dunham, 18, of Mt. Vernon
    • Diona L. Parks, 26, of Stotts City

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Two more charged in deadly shooting, charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action, and kidnapping.

  • Christina N. Knapp, 38, of Stotts City
  • Steven C. Calverley, 30, of Republic

Two more suspects turn themselves in to Lawrence County authorities Wednesday evening, both charged with  first-degree murder.

  • Kimberly K. Henderson, 47, of Stotts City
  • Frank J. Sheridan, Jr., 27, of Aurora

Upcoming court dates

Eight of the suspects were arraigned via teleconference in Lawrence County. Cypret, Dunham, and Calverley will be in court again on August 31 at 9 a.m. Delong, Henderson, Knapp,  Parks, and Sheridan will be in court again on September 10 at 9 a.m.

The female victim (confidential victim 1) was taken to a hospital in Springfield the night of the incident where she told authorities what happened that Sunday.