JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin Humane Society is working diligently to care for a major influx of animals this time of year.

More than 600 — almost 700 — are currently in their care… and counting.

“May and June are crazy for big dogs coming in,” said Tianna Fisher, Shelter Services Manager.

But not just big dogs… the Joplin Humane Society is in crisis mode — working to care for more than 670 animals, and counting.

“We have crates set up, big crates set up to house dogs. We have staff and volunteers taking them out 2, 3, 4 times a day. Trying to get them out, get them some exercise. We did have some dogs in bathrooms. It’s packed, it’s packed,” said Fisher.

“At any given moment, we have about 2 dozen workers, but we can have upwards of 400 animals,” said Thomas Jay, Animal Behavior Manager.

450 are in the physical shelter… while the other 250-plus are getting care from foster families.

“It’s stressful on the staff, on the animals themselves, on our volunteers and our fosters. So, it’s really a tough time. And we want to be able to give the best possible care to as many animals as we can. Without our foster families, we wouldn’t be able to help as many animals as we do,” said Fisher.

“In our history here, we have never left without the animals being taken care of, but it does put a tremendous strain on us,” said Jay.

It’s hard on the animals, too.

“It’s rough, it’s rough, you know. I can’t say that there haven’t been days where I didn’t leave here and I had a good little cry. But, you know, you go home, you get cleaned up, you come back the next day, and you’re doing it for the animals,” said Jay.

To help make space, both big dogs and adult cats are only $25 — and they’ll be fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and microchipped.

Something that could help people looking to adopt… like Pearl Mikesell.

“He’s very sweet. He’s slobbery. He’s a baby. He’s super smart. On his paperwork it says that he doesn’t know very many tricks, but if you just get him to pay attention, he knows them,” said Pearl Mikesell, looking to adopt.

Shelter workers tell us the animals just keep coming in, so they’ve had to resort to intakes by appointment only.

“So, if you have an owner surrender or a stray that you’ve found, you must call the shelter and set up an appointment because we have to make sure we have room for them,” said Fisher.

Around 130 animals are currently ready for adoption… while the others are either too young, are getting treatment for a medical condition, or are strays that need to find their families.

“So, if anybody out there’s missing their dogs, we encourage them to come out, take a look. We’d love to get them back to their families,” said Fisher.

You can stop by the Humane Society to claim a stray or find a new furry friend… Saturday from 10 to 5, Sunday 1 to 4, Monday through Thursday 1 to 5, and Friday 1 to 6.