JOPLIN, Mo. — Thanks to a local donation, residents in Houston, Texas have some extra support during the aftermath of an EF3 tornado.

“TAMKO Building Products LLC” held a check presentation Saturday Morning to donate $250,000 to the “Houston chapter of the American Red Cross”.
officials with TAMKO said when they learned of the devastating half-mile-wide tornado, it hit close to home, as many of them experienced the May 22nd EF5 tornado in Joplin.

That prompted the company to donate to the “Red Cross”, which is actively providing Houston with shelter, food, clothing, medical supplies, crisis mental health services, and much more.

“Our hearts go out to them. I mean, the people here know what that means, you know, they understand how devastating it can be and how disruptive. So, we knew as soon as it happened, we knew we needed to help,” said Jeff Beyer, Chief Operations Officer, TAMKO.

“Red Cross is there and will be there as long as those communities are in need. And gifts and donations, like this generous one from Tamko, go a long way to ensure that those families and that community can begin to recover, and maybe even prepare for the next go-round,” said Stacy Burks, Executive Director, American Red Cross of Southern Missouri.

Since the Joplin tornado, TAMKO has made efforts to support areas across the country impacted by tornado disasters.

if you want to donate to a natural disaster through the “American Red Cross”, you can do so here.