JOPLIN, Mo. — Some kids had a little creative fun in Joplin.

A storytime pottery event was held at the “Firehouse Pottery of Joplin”.

Attendees started out by listening to the children’s book “Pajama Time”.

It was read to them by Charity Hawkins, who owns “Firehouse Pottery of Joplin”.

Then, the kids were able to get a bit creative, by painting miniature pottery penguins.

Those can be turned into magnets, once they finish the firing process.

Hawkins says this event helps showcase creative talent for kids.

“It’s pretty important. It kinda allows them to have a little creativity. When we read the story, they can interact with us and we get to know their personalities a little bit — and then when we get to paint, we really see that come out. They just get to have their own creative fun — it’s great for their little minds — and we have a great time,” said Charity Hawkins, Owner, Firehouse Pottery of Joplin.

“Firehouse Pottery of Joplin” hosts a storytime pottery event once a month with a different story and pottery project.

To find out more information — visit their website, here.