JOPLIN, Mo. — The transportation industry is one of the biggest employers in the Four State area, and the leader of one of the area’s largest companies in that business is sharing some of his knowledge about that vocation.

Greg Orr is the president of CFI and has recorded a series of videos on the state of the transportation industry.

He says his goal is to help educate his drivers, employees, and the general public about the current condition of the transportation sector.

“We feel like we have a lot of expertise and knowledge about what’s going on in the marketplace and we want to be able to share that information so people understand what’s going when they hear supply chain issues when they hear all the things that are challenges are out there in the economy and the industry, we really want to focus on those items and help educate people so they have a better understanding,” said Greg Orr, President, CFI.

There are a total of four, two-minute-long episodes in the series, the third of which, dealing with oil and inflation, drops tomorrow morning.

You can watch them here, on CFI’s website.