KSNF/KODE — A group of volunteers dedicated their Saturday morning to picking up trash around “Shoal Creek”.

It’s thanks to members of the “Southwest Missouri Stream Team”.

This volunteer group was formed in 2019 with the goal of removing litter from natural areas of Southwest Missouri.

It’s a way to purify natural ecosystems, protect animals from harmful trash, and beautify the areas.

The Stream Team partnered with the “Missouri Department of Conservation” to dispose of the trash.

Meanwhile, the Stream Team’s coalition provided supplies for today’s river cleanup, like mesh bags and trash grabbers.

“We come out to locations alone with different bodies of water in Southwest Missouri such Shoal Creek, Elk River, Hickory Creek, and whatnot. They tend to have a lot of litter and old tires and whatever,” said Stephen Dorsey, SW Missouri Stream Team Volunteer.

The group hiked nearly two and a half miles to Cherry Corners just South of Diamond.