JOPLIN, Mo. — Liberty Utilities displayed its new fully electric F-150 Lightning Pro today during Joplin’s Business Expo.

Liberty currently has five fully electric vehicles.

They are offering customers a home charging program that will help save them money.

Officials say “with many customers making the change, we need to be product experts. Therefore we need to be in the field on that.”

“Now if you were to buy an EV today, it comes with a regular 110 outlet. So it charges really slowly, it’s unrealistic of a charge really. So what we will do is we’ll come in there with a charger after your electrician runs everything, and we’ll plug it in. Show you how to use the application and then what was called to your time of use. And if you charge off-peak you’ll pay three cents per kilowatt hour. So therefore it really benefits you with saving cost,” said Derrick Shadwick, Liberty, Manager for Transportation Electrification and Sustainability.

They are offering residential and commercial programs.

If you are interested in attending, you can find more information on Liberty’s website, here.