JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin Police Department gave another update on Tuesday’s shooting which claimed the life of a JPD officer, and injured two others.

JPD Chief Sloan Rowland spoke first with an update on the two other officers injured during the incident: Officer Jake Reed and Officer Rickey Hirshey.

Officer Jake Reed, who was five years into his career with JPD, responded to the call in the Buckle parking lot with Corporal Ben Cooper. Officer Reed, who is an organ donor, will not recover from his injuries sustained in the gunfight, Chief Rowland told reporters.

Officer Rickey Hirshey, a 20-year veteran of JPD, encountered the gunman as he was attempting to steal another vehicle at the scene and tried to stop him by use of his patrol car. A gunshot however, would strike Officer Hirshey in the face after penetrating his cruiser’s windshield. Chief Rowland added that Hirshey remains in serious but stable condition and a long journey of recovery lies ahead of him.

More insight was also given into the actions of Captain William Davis, whom Chief Rowland said exited cover amidst the gunfire and successfully took down shooter, possibly saving the lives of other officers and bystanders.

On Wednesday, JPD, Mayor Ryan Stanley, and other city leaders honored the injured officers involved as well as Corporal Ben Cooper who died as a result of his injuries sustained in the gunfight with Anthony Felix on March 8th.

Felix, a 40-year-old man, had a criminal record and multiple run-ins with law enforcement in Arizona before coming to Joplin. He also died after the firefight with police Tuesday. The following day, JPD would announce that Captain William Davis struck Felix and that Cpt. Davis was placed on administrative leave as per department policy.

Since that day, the department has been met with gracious support from the community through a link and proceeds from a local shirt and sign design company.