JOPLIN, Mo. — Students from Stapleton Elementary got creative this afternoon (Monday), making chalk drawings of inspirational messages at Freeman West Hospital.

The group of students included members of the school’s art club and SOAR team.

Drawings along the sidewalk stretched from the hospital entrance to the Freeman Heart and Vascular Institute.

Messages including the words “love” and “thank you,” as well as drawings of hearts and other ways to say thank you.

“I love doing this because I get to help out people that need our encouraging help. It’s just so much fun to hang out with my friends and help people around my community. And it’s hard work because you have to do it in a short amount of time. But, it’s worth it,” said Rhodes McConnell, Stapleton 5th Grader.

“We did ‘You guys are life savers’ and drew a lifesaver. And we also did Freeman number one and the logo,” said Grayson Rooney, Stapleton 5th Grader.

This tradition began during the pandemic and has now continued on.

The students also did the same thing at Mercy Joplin a few weeks ago.