JOPLIN, Mo. — An area organization is dedicating something new in honor of the 2011 tornado.

A memorial mural is on the outside of the Salvation Army thrift store in downtown Joplin. Officials said they’ve spent years looking for the right time, place, and location to display the multimedia piece of art.

One that’s actually made from tornado debris. It was finished a few years after the storm and was officially dedicated and put on permanent display Friday.

“And went through a lot of red tape of getting where to place it, how to place it, funding and finally it just come down to the last couple of years I was able to work out with an architect and our local construction company to come and put it on the side of our Thrift Store which is the perfect place for it,” said Lt. Marty Norris, Salvation Army Officer/Pastor.

“There’s a long history between the Memorial Run and the Salvation Army and so we were just very honored that they chose to do the dedication on this weekend and to involve us today,” said Audie Dennis, President, Active Lifestyle Events.

The memorial mural will also be lit up in the evenings.