KSNF/KODE — On this very day, one year ago, Joplin Police Officer Jake Reed donated his organs, as just another form of service and sacrifice, even after giving his life.

“On that day, I’ll never forget when they had Jake in his bed and they wheeled him down to the surgical room, the entire hallway was lined with people, with officers from other agencies, citizens, I mean it was just, it was absolutely packed, and the honor on his final walk is something I’ll never forget in my entire life,” said Captain William Davis, Joplin Police Department.

March 11th is now known as “Jake Reed Day” in Joplin, as officials made the proclamation Saturday morning.

Hundreds gathered not only to remember the person and the officer Reed was but to honor and never forget his last act of kindness.

“It’s keeping his memory alive. You know, doing the right thing and honoring Jake giving the ultimate sacrifice for the community you serve. If we can come together and spend this hour honoring him, remembering him, telling those stories and keeping that memory, and remembering that smile and that personality, and the ambitions that he had, and the family that’s in attendance. It’s the least we could do and will continue to do as we go forward,” said Captain Davis.

So far, Officer Reed’s organs have saved the lives of four people.

Even now, Reed continues to help others as he did on duty. Family, friends, and colleagues say this only makes sense for Reed’s selfless and caring character.

It’s that loving character that lives on in the simplest of ways.

“Even just as much as remembering Jake’s smile, and sharing that smile with somebody during your day, or a polite act of service in his name or his honor — that can go a long way,” said Captain Davis.