UPDATE: 1:15 PM — The situation is over. All clear given by the Joplin Police Department however the neighborhood will still have police presence for hours as they will gather evidence and spend time talking to the numerous people taken into custody from the residence.

One final male, name not released at this time, came out of the residence after Joplin SWAT used a battering ram on the front door and then used a gas to force him out.

Capt Nick Jimenez told us he will update us with more information as their investigation is unfolding. There were no injuries to officers. The male subject did receive medical attention at the scene.

UPDATE: 11:30 AM — Unchanged since our live video around 9:30 AM when multiple persons exited the residence and were detained. Police continue calling out name(s) on a bullhorn. Joplin Police have released a statement to the media.

JOPLIN, Mo. — Avoid the area of 2700 bk S Minnesota in Joplin. Joplin Police

Joplin Schools confirm, “Kelsey Norman is in soft lock down for the situation in the neighborhood.” That also applies to the Joplin High School campus about four blocks south.

Joplin Police tell us they were investigating a possible armed robbery. Now they are using a bullhorn to contain and call out individuals.

SWAT and the armored MRAP, Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputies and Joplin Police detectives arrived during the 9:00 AM hour en masse.

Joplin Police Capt Nick Jimenez told us live from the scene that they responded to a reported armed robbery in the 2500 bk South Grand shortly after 8:00 AM. A vehicle was identified leaving the scene. And that silver vehicle was located at a residence in the 2700 bk of South Minnesota.

Capt Jimenez reminds everyone “avoid the area and shelter in place.” If you are fearful or need to leave your residence contact the Joplin Police Department non-emergency number, 417-623-3131.

They have detained so many we cannot count.

Shannon Becker is at the scene.

This residence was raided in 2018. See the historical article below.