JOPLIN, Mo. — A new exhibit at Joplin’s Spiva Center for the Arts puts a focus on children and their photography skills.

It’s called “Kids, Tweens and Teens”.

10 kids, ages 5-16, recently took a photography class to learn all the aspects of photography as an art form.

Those kids then had a chance to take a camera home for a week and bring back some of their art, utilizing everything they learned in class.

The exhibit debuted and awards were given to each of the kids.

The photos are also for sale, at $15 for just the photo, and $25 if you want it framed.

70 percent of the proceeds of a photo go back to the young photographer, while the rest goes to Spiva.

“I think it’s a really good outlet for them because not a lot of people listen to what the kids thought are or even their creative ideas. I know some kids play with toys like Lego, but with cameras, they have an outlet of what their visions are,” said Lola Nelson, Photography Instructor at Spiva.

“They did a really amazing job. You can tell what they have learned in class. You can tell they really utilized perspective, You have seen a lot of really neat perspective photos in here,” said Sarah Clements, Education Director at Spiva.

Plans are in the works for next year’s event.

It’s open to ages 5-16 and cost $50.