JOPLIN, Mo. — If you had to guess, how many parks would you say are in the City of Joplin?

The answer is more than you might think. Some of them are being prepped for the winter.

The mild fall weather we’ve been enjoying recently makes this time of year ideal to visit one of several parks throughout Joplin.

Some won’t be open while Joplin Parks and Recreation prepares them for winter.

Among them — is Spiva Park at 4th and Main.

“We are preparing the fountains, covering those up, draining the system, we protect the statuary as part of the fountains, any minor repairs or maintenance that needs to take place will take place,” said Tony Robyn, Assistant City Manager.

Robyn says grass seed will be put down in Spiva Park to build up the turf.

Over at Schifferdecker Golf Course, work continues on cart paths throughout the course, which will eventually be repaved for the first time in many years. He expects both Spiva and the golf course to reopen sometime next month.

“This is one of the parks we’re starting with, but we’re looking across the parks, winterizing restrooms, making minor repairs, etc. Our parks will remain open through the winter season, of course, but the restrooms will be closed because we do shut the water off,” said Robyn.

Believe it or not, there are 24 parks in the City of Joplin, some of which don’t have bathroom facilities, but that will change in the next few years.

Robyn says McIndoe, Grand Falls, Wildcat, and Dover Outdoor Recreation Area are all on the list to get bathrooms in the future.