KSNF/KODE — Some musicians wait their whole life to appear on the most famous country music stage in the world, the Grand Ole Opry – many never make it at all. But 2018 Joplin High School grad Howard Nunnelly checked that off his bucket list, appearing on stage this summer as the drummer for country music singer Ella Langley.

“Right before we played, Ella, the artist I play for, I remember she told me just once you get out there, take a moment and look around because it will go by so fast and so that’s what I did, I got up there, and just looked around for a minute, and then we played and it was awesome,” said Howard Nunnelly, Professional Musician.

The first time he appeared on stage behind a set of drums was his third-grade talent show.

Nunnelly also played a lot in church, even touring with his best friend, singer/songwriter Grant Landis, when the two were in their early teens.

Not long after high school, Nunnelly moved to Nashville to try and make it a full-time gig.

“My family’s been my main support system and they’ve always believed in me so then having them come to Nashville and be there when I played the Opry was very, uh, very full circle, I did not grow up loving country, it wasn’t even until I moved to Nashville that I started to fall in love with it,” said Nunnelly.

The group has played all over the country, including Kansas City during the NFL draft, and an upcoming concert at the BOK (Bank of Oklahoma) CENTER.

“It’s really a dream come true, getting to do this cause I never thought it was possible, it was kind of a pipe dream,” said Nunnelly.

Nunnelly is the son of our very own Howie Nunnelly… from Good Morning Four States with Howie and Bubba.

And he is one very proud dad.