JOPLIN, Mo. — Community members and bands crowd the North Heights neighborhood in Joplin, today (Saturday), for a unique way to enjoy live music.

It’s the annual North Heights “Porchfest,” where bands literally play live music on Joplin residents’ porches.

27 bands and 20 artists filled “A” through “F” streets, and Joplin Avenue to Sergeant Avenue.

There’s also a food truck row, with many options for a quick bite.

“Porchfest” organizers tell us it’s more than just music — it’s about making the community feel welcomed.

“It’s about adding just people into our community to appreciate the old architecture in our neighborhood. We love this neighborhood so much and we want other people to come live on it, too,” said Christina Sargent, Porchfest Co-Chair.

“PorchFest has just been a really cool event. A friend of mine actually kind of came up with the idea of bringing it here, and I live in the neighborhood as well, so it’s really cool just to see the community coming together. People have asked me, like, what kind of demographic do you see? And I see everybody. I really do see people from every walk of life,” said Mark Neuenschwander, Founder, The Joplin Toad.

This year marks the 7th year “Porchfest” has filled the North Heights neighborhood with music, art, and people.