JOPLIN, Mo. — There’s a brand new science center coming to downtown Joplin.

The old Joplin Library is getting a makeover – as officials with “Creative Learning Alliance” in Joplin recently purchased the building from the city – with the intent of bringing a brand new science center to town.

“We’ve had a dream of something good happening here and we asked for interest from the people of Joplin, and the “Creative Learning Alliance” is the one that finally came through with the right kind of bid and the right kind of plan and good things are gonna happen,” said Douglas Lawson, Mayor of Joplin.

“Our dream from the very beginning was to be in this property, and for a while, it wasn’t a reality, but once it became a reality again, we fought and we made sure that we can be here and make it happen because this is the perfect spot for us, right here in downtown Joplin,” said Neely Myers, Creative Learning Alliance Executive Director.

Neely Myers is the Executive Director for “Creative Learning Alliance” – and told us – this center will bring a diverse array of hands-on features and activities – designed to spark curiosity in science for all members of the region – including those with disabilities.

“One of our goals from the beginning has always been access to all. There are many children, just based on the socio-economic make-up of our region, that maybe don’t travel a lot, that maybe can’t get out of the area to some of the large science centers in St. Louis and Chicago and Denver, so we wanna bring that right here in downtown Joplin,” said Myers.

“A lot of families here have been to learning museums, and this is going to be just like one of those. They should expect their children to get excited about learning,” said Lawson.

Officials with the “Creative Learning Alliance” are currently accepting grants and donations – with the goal of having the science center up and running by 2025.