VINITA, Ok. — Wednesday two inmates walked away from the Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center, a low-security prison in Vinita where inmates are able to receive substance abuse treatment and/or attend high school equivalency programs. They were counted as missing around 2:45 PM.

This first was captured within hours. An off-duty correctional officer spotted Kaden White, 25, walking along railroad tracks about 7 miles from the prison. The CO called the facility; and ODOC agents and facility COs captured him.

ODOC photo

Devan Johnson, 25, remained at large until Saturday evening around 6:35 PM he was captured in near Stillwater, about 140 miles away.

When he walked away, Johnson was serving five years for second-degree burglary out of Oklahoma County, aggravated assault and battery out of Pottawatomie County, and other crimes.

White was serving a ten-year sentence for second-degree burglary out of Pottawatomie County and five years for second-degree arson out of Seminole County.

ODOC will present escape charges against Johnson and White to the Craig County District Attorney’s Office. 

ODOC photo

Due to the C-19 threat both escapees are quarantined at Lexington Correctional Center for 14 days before transferring to another facility. 

NOCC is a minimum-security prison for men in Vinita. It was established in 1994.

Programs include:

EDUCATION: Many inmates lack education, a key component in avoiding re-incarceration. NOCC offers literacy courses as well as Pre-High School Equivalency and High School Equivalency diplomas.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT: For those inmates who need substance abuse treatment, NOCC teaches them ways to avoid drug and alcohol use, while also helping them develop cognitive, social, emotional, and coping skills needed to avoid using.

They also have advanced mental health programs with the goal of addressing criminal thinking:

Thinking for a Change, Moral Reconation Therapy, and Associates 4 Success programs address thinking, judgment errors, and relationships linked with criminal thinking/behavior.

NOCC can House up to 500 inmates.