JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s still only January, but some people in Joplin are already gearing up for spring gardens.

Saturday is “National Seed Swap Day”, and the “Joplin Empire Market” celebrated the day with the community.

What’s even better?

No one even had to bring their own seeds.

Master gardener Eric Osen took care of providing seeds, as he gave a presentation and passed out different kinds of seeds.

It was everything for that perfect summer garden of tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and much more.

Osen says today’s goal is to share information about gardening, and to also get people excited about growing their own produce this year.

“So our goal is to just, you know, kind of spread that awareness, give people something, maybe they have some free seeds, maybe they’ll try something they’ve never done before, and I pass out information about the University of Missouri Extension Master Gardener Program, and just a lot of good ways to get involved in the community,” said Eric Osen Master Gardener.

Next year’s “National Seed Swap Day” is set for January 27th.

plans are already in the works to make this an annual event at the “Joplin Empire Market”.