JOPLIN, Mo. — June is National Safety Month, and with warmer temperatures, more people are beginning to hit the trails, which has a local group increasing efforts to educate hikers on trail safety.

The Wildcat Glades Nature Group is reminding people that although now is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy nature, safety is still important.

The trails have seen an influx of traffic since schools across the area have let out.

And there are many things to look out for while enjoying the outdoors, like wildlife or rocky areas.

According to “Hikers Daily” – a website that tracks hiking injuries – there are nearly 5,000 injuries related to hiking each year in the U.S.

It’s also an important time to remind folks – hydration can also be key to staying safe.

And according to park officials, it’s important to know your limits before hitting those trails.

“Sunscreen,” said Benjamin Gibson, hiker.

“Sunscreen, we drink water and,” said Zach Gibson, hiker.

“Gatorade,” continued Benjamin Gibson.

“Gatorade, and I guess bug spray a lot of times too so,” said Zach Gibson.

“You should also know your skill level. You don’t want to want to go on a strenuous trail if you are just used to walking around the block. Most trails will tell you how long they are so you need to pay attention to that. And there is no shame in staying in your lane. So we do recommend that you stay within your skill level,” said Robin Standridge, Executive Director of the Wildcat Glades Nature Group.

Wildcat Glades Nature Group wants to remind people it’s important to know where you are if you intend to hit the trails this weekend – trail maps can be found in the Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center.