JOPLIN, Mo. — Attorneys for a Joplin man who was shot six times by police filed a motion to remove the Joplin Police Department from his civil lawsuit. The judge granted that motion on Wednesday (10/11).

Scott Peggram filed a lawsuit against the Joplin Police Department and three of its officers in August. He’s accusing them of using excessive force when they arrested him in July of last year.

Peggram was in an SUV, sleeping in front of a house near 24th and Annie Baxter when a neighbor called the police. JPD officers say the car was stolen and identified Peggram, who had outstanding warrants, as the man sleeping in the driver’s seat.

Officers blocked the car with their patrol cars and placed stop sticks on the driver’s side to prevent Peggram from fleeing in the stolen car. When officers woke Peggram, he tried to escape by ramming their vehicles. That’s when they opened fire, hitting him six times.

Peggram is seeking damages in the case, which now just involves the three officers who fired their weapons.

The 36-year-old is still facing criminal charges in the case. Those charges include vehicle theft, drug possession, five counts of 4th-degree assault, resisting arrest by attempting to flee, and property damage. His next hearing in the criminal case is set for next week.