JOPLIN, Mo. — Writers gather today at the Joplin Public Library (Saturday).

More than 40 authors from across the Four States gathered for the 2023 Joplin Writers’ Faire. It’s a way for writers to network and show off their work.

The event is co-hosted by the Joplin Public Library, and the Post Art Library.

Joplin Writers’ Faire organizers say it keeps getting bigger each year, making numbers this year higher than they have ever been.

“It’s definitely the biggest turnout as far as the authors. We have more authors than we’ve ever had this year, so that’s really nice,” said Sarah Turner-Hill, Joplin Public Library Adult Programming Coordinator.

“Some of them aren’t published yet. They’re just here to connect with potential audiences and other authors. And so their people are invited to come and just walk around, and talk with them, and peruse their books and see what else they have,” said Jill Halbach, Executive Director of the Post Art Library.

“All of us have various levels of writing—different books that we’ve published, articles, magazines, everything. So it’s just fun to be with a bunch of other writers and have readers come and see what we’re doing,” said Terry McDermid, Author and Teacher.

Today’s visitors also had a chance to win some door prizes and check out a book sale.

The Joplin Public Library has several events coming up; which you can on their website, here.