NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. – Shortly after 11:30 PM Redings Mill Fire Department in Newton County were responding to a reported crash. As they were traveling south on MO-86 near Douglas Fir Road they had to stop. The roadway was blocked. By a mobile home.

A mobile home had become stuck in the ditch and had damaged a portion of the tow package. It was being towed by a pickup truck.

At first it seemed unbelievable. And it still seems like it didn’t happen, but we witnessed it with our Joplin News First LIVE! broadcast.

The 70-foot, single wide mobile home, on a metal frame was being towed about midnight from an unknown location in Kansas to Sarcoxie, Missouri. It became disabled traveling on Douglas Fir Road East, turning south onto MO-86, which is already a treacherous turn in a normal vehicle.

Missouri State Highway Patrol say there was no property damage and no one was injured.

It is unknown what sort of fines the driver will face for not acquiring the correct permits and permissions to move the mobile home. Depending on weight and size state roads or county roads must be used selectively. The normal process requires a pre-approved map of travel and utility companies cooperation, escorts etc. A lengthy and sometimes expensive process.

The roadway was blocked for nearly three hours. It was cleared about 2:15 AM as METRO TOWING removed the mobile home by using a rotator / wrecker from the ditch and then hooking it to a wrecker and towing it south on MO-86.