JOPLIN, Mo. — Few healthcare bonds are as close as the one between a cancer patient and their caregiver.

That’s why Mercy Hospital Joplin brought together cancer survivors and the caregivers who supported them during their treatment for a shared meal.

This gathering was part of a cancer survivors’ picnic, with a “Super Heroes” theme that symbolizes the tremendous strength required to overcome certain types of cancer. Debbie Winstone, a survivor of three different types of cancer, expressed her appreciation for the sentiment.

“We have all gone through something so major in our lives and it’s just so nice to know that the people here at the Hospital and the Hospital Staff, everybody here are so willing to give and to love, and this is just shows how much support that they have for their patients,” said Winstone.

“For us at the Cancer Center, every patient is a Super Hero, you interview a few patients and they’re going to tell you that some of their providers and their nurses and other care givers, they’re Super Heroes, so everybody’s a Super Hero today,” said Whit Sanders, Director of Radiation Oncology, Mercy Cancer Center.

Mercy Hospital Joplin has restarted its program dedicated to providing cancer support and survivorship services, which had been put on hold during the pandemic.

For those interested in learning more about the program, visit here.