Two tractor trailers and two passenger vehicles were involved in the crash that claimed the life of a Diamond, MO, man on Thursday evening. According to Trooper A.J. Cook of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Robert Horton, 47, of Diamond, was fatally injured. Next of kin has been notified. Horton was traveling westbound on I-44 operating a 2006 International Tractor Trailer.

Also involved in this crash was Ernesto Aguayochavez, of Corona, CA, traveling eastbound on I-44 operating a 2012 Freightliner.

Metasha Olson, 46, of Bartlesville, OK, was traveling eastbound on I-44 operating a 2012 Hyundai.

James Barnes, 33, of Tecumseh, OK, was traveling eastbound on I-44 operating a 2018 Dodge Ram.

The westbound Horton semi struck the median cable, caught fire and crossed the median into eastbound traffic and struck Aguayochavez towed unit. The wheels came off the towed unit and then struck the Olson vehicle causing extensive damage to the Hyundai and sending her to Freeman Hospital for minor injuries.

The Horton semi continued on and then struck the Barnes Dodge Ram. The semi continued to burn. But was contained to the general area of the vehicles. Barnes was transported for minor injuries to Freeman Hospital in Joplin.

Duenweg Fire Department responded to the scene and controlled the fire.

“In accordance with Missouri State Law, Drivers (Aguayochavez, Olson and Barnes) were tested for alcohol. (Horton) was pronounced at the scene by Jasper County Chief Coroner George Woodward at 1909 Hours.” Trooper A.J. Cook, MSHP Crash Report

MCIU Crash Team Members M.K. Eden #1326 and Trooper B.D. Vaught #1451 responded to the scene and they are visible in our Joplin News First video.