JOPLIN, Mo. — Some Joplin 18-year-olds made sure they’ll have a say in five weeks.

Government classes at Joplin High School put the focus on registering to vote today, and it’s the first chance most seniors will have to take part in an election.

They’ve been learning about the process at the polls, some even registered online. Doing their homework ahead of November 8th.

“Of course I’m going to do some research on both ends. See the upbuild of each and the downfalls of each,” said Jymie Lucero, JHS Senior.

“I think with the free time that I’ll have, I’ll spend it researching some of the candidates, and looking at the good things and bad things that they’ve had and done, and try and weigh out my options and see which one is the best,” said Logan Bever, JHS Senior.

Those needing information on voter registration can do so here, online.