JOPLIN, Mo. — We are proud to say that one of our own is now a Broadcasting Hall of Famer.

KSNF-TV General Manager and Nexstar Media Group Vice President, John Hoffmann, has been inducted into the Regional Media Hall of Fame at Missouri Southern. The ceremony took place Tuesday.

Also part of this year’s class is a KODE program, “Bar 12 Ranger with Ranger Ed Wilson,” which aired in the late ’50s and ’60s. His daughter was on hand to accept the award.

As for Hoffmann, this year marks his 40th year in broadcasting, all in this market.

“The thing is, maybe they’re giving me this award, but it really should go to all the people I’ve worked with for over 40 years. I’ve worked with some great broadcasters, great journalism, great sales people, great, you know, and those are the people that really makes this possible for me. And I’ve been, I’ve been fortunate to been able to do this for 40 years in the town that I grew up in,” said Hoffman.

“You know, the area of media and broadcasting and journalism has never been one that has been reaping the big rewards money-wise. These people are called with a mission. To serve the public, to deliver information, entertainment, so it’s really important to honor the past as we morph into the future,” said Lisa Olliges Green, KGCS-TV GM.

Joplin Mayor Pro Tem, Keenan Cortez, also issued proclamations from the city for each of this year’s recipients. Local and regional media professionals and programming have been honored by the Hall since 1997.

Joining Hoffmann and “Bar 12 Ranger” in this year’s class are KOAM’s “Fun Club” and KY-3’s “Children’s Hour,” along with three local Black-owned newspapers, The Joplin Uplift, The Joplin Advance, and the Afro-American Leader.