JOPLIN, Mo. — “It’s every day technology evolves as a tool in education. Not as you know, not only just entertainment but … you have more at your fingertips every day,” said Blake Pirtle, SNC2 Acct. Mgr.

That means now is the time to get your tablet, smartphone, or laptop ready for homework and school projects.

Consider setting limits on how kids use technology at home, for example, where that’s allowed and for how long.

The experts suggest setting a time to shut them down for the night, and picking a spot for charging that’s not in the bedroom.

Even getting ready for the new school calendar is something you can do now.

“As long as your school district has – in most do have – a technology department, you know, usually they have a way to sync your calendar with Apple calendars, Google calendars, different things like that just right from the website, mobile site on your phone,” said Pirtle.

Also check for apps — looking for those that are taking up too much space or may pose a distraction for your student.

“I think it’s always important to know what kind of applications are on your children’s tablets, phones, different things like that, not only because of space usage but also because of security reasons,” said Pirtle.

Also, talk to your students about the potential for online issues.

That can be anything from cyberbullying and inappropriate texts to limiting photos that they send out.

“Everything on the internet lasts forever. Being present with that is so important – I know as myself when I was a kid I didn’t think about six months from now a year from now. I didn’t think of how my actions today would affect me going forward. And so things that are private on the internet do not remain private forever,” said Pirtle.