JOPLIN, Mo. — Score one for KCU-Joplin medical students and fifth-graders who participated in the “Score 1 for Health” event Wednesday on the campus of the medical school.

This event is a preventative health screening program that hosted fifth-graders from Kelsey Norman, McKinley, and Irving elementaries.

It provided second-year osteopathic medical students with vital clinical experience and offered children free physical assessments, oral health screenings, and blood pressure checks.

“The experience I’m hoping to pass for kids is actually a positive and like a fun experience for them, but at the same time, making sure that they’re healthy and there’s no like pertinent health problem that they have,” said Jad Imad, KCU-Joplin Medical Student.

“You know, Score 1 has always been referred to as a win-win, because it obviously is important for medical students to learn, but it is important, also, for the community to be healthy. And so KCU wants to be a contributor to the improvement of the health of our community,” said Annette Campbell, KCU Score 1 for Health Director.

Approximately 150 second-year medical students screened over 150 fifth-graders at the event.