JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s a temporary makeover for what’s normally four lanes of traffic on downtown Main Street.

Joplin’s Third Thursday is hosting a pop-up demonstration of the Complete Streets approach. Traffic cones and tape are marking off the outer two lanes, reimagining them as bike lanes and extra parking.

City Council adopted the Complete Streets policy earlier this year, making sure transportation projects factor in pedestrians and bike riders as well as vehicle traffic.

“Planners nowadays – they are seeing that there are families and neighborhoods where people just don’t drive. they are bicycling more. it’s also a health issue, people are wanting to get out and ride and walk but they don’t have a safe place to do that. so cities are taking that into consideration,” said Rachel Holcomb, Joplin Transportation Planner.

The demo is just for tonight, traffic goes back to four lanes with the end of Third Thursday.