JOPLIN, Mo. — Some days it’s difficult not to look forward to crisp fall mornings when the summer heat has been sweltering and most of Missouri is experiencing drought conditions.

The unofficial commencement of fall activities generally starts with big franchise coffee companies (like Starbucks) rolling out their classic pumpkin spice lattes at the end of August. But some coffee shops in the Joplin area are also giving the people what they want. Here’s what you can look forward to from Joplin’s local coffee shops:

Joplin Greenhouse & The Coffee Shop

Known for its one-stop shop for all things fall and iconic Instagrammable backdrops, the Joplin Greenhouse & The Coffee Shop (JGH) has decided to tease fall lovers this weekend by releasing two drinks from their seasonal fall menu: the Fall Flat White and the Cinnamon Roll Latte.

“Our signature fall syrup is made in-house with real pumpkin puree. It’s comparable to pumpkin spice but better,” said Lily Moore, JGH Marketing Manager. “The Cinnamon Roll Latte has an espresso-melted glaze made with flambé brandy and brown sugar. Our difference is our coffee beans are roasted fresh in-house within the last seven days.”

She says the shop plans to drop its full menu the first weekend of September and to keep an eye on its Facebook page for those details.

Joplin Avenue Coffee

Representatives with Joplin Avenue Coffee said pumpkin flavors are officially released on September 1. For those who can’t wait, they say the shop typically keeps pumpkin in stock all year long.

Those interested can keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates on early releases.

Caroline’s Ice Cream & Coffee

Nestled in Joplin’s historic Gryphon building is Caroline’s – the shop that takes you back in time, and specializes in not only ice cream and sweets but also coffee. Fall can be a lifestyle here because they offer pumpkin, maple, and other seasonal coffee flavors (like the Lumberjack Latte that features caramelized maple and cinnamon) all year long. And they just dropped their first batch of pumpkin ice cream – so if you aren’t ready for a cozy coffee you can enjoy a cool pumpkin cone.

Crazy Llama Coffee

Their new location is coming to Joplin on West 32nd Street this fall, but in the meantime – Crazy Llama Coffee in Webb City offers pumpkin spice all year long. The shop says it’ll officially become the highlighted flavor of the season on August 28.

The Clay Cup

From Neosho to Joplin, The Clay Cup – A Coffee Pottery has expanded into its new location at 9th and Main in Coley’s Cookie Co. The Clay Cup is well known for its artistic avenues and barista-designed drinks. The shop says baristas have taken time to perfect each drink this season. Their fall menu drops on August 28 and includes the Pumpkin Patch latte, Sweater Weather Chai Tea, and two Italian sodas – Casper and Bogwater.

The Clay Cup has decided to release these drinks Monday, August 28. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for any updates and highlights.

Cup O Joe

This veteran-owned drive-thru experience is unlike any other in Joplin. Cup O Joe has dropped a fall special already – a pumpkin cheesecake latte. On September 15, the company plans to drop the rest of their fall flavors such as Hazelnutty mocha, pumpkin spice, turmeric, snickerdoodle, cinnamon spice dolce, and maple bacon on September 15. Their Facebook page is updated regularly with specials and they encourage customers to stay connected for a preview of any specials or early releases!