JOPLIN, Mo. — Last year, the arts generated nearly $6 million in economic activity for the City of Joplin. Those numbers come from the final results of the Arts and Economic Prosperity 6 economic and social impact study. The study looked at how non-profit arts and culture effect the city.

According to the study, event related expenditures exceeded $3 million in 2022. That economic activity supported 96 jobs and provided more than $3 million in personal income to residents.

Connect2Culture Executive Director Emily Frankoski says it goes to show how well the community supports the arts.

“The arts are alive and well. Not only do they help us find inspiration in our lives, but they definitely do provide an economic boon to our cities and communities across the entire United States,” said Frankoski.

“The arts have a huge impact on education in our communities, on attracting visitors and businesses, jobs, creating a quality of life in the community that everybody benefits from,” said Michael Donovan, Executive Director, Missouri Arts Council.

The study is normally done once every five years, however the COVID pandemic caused it to be delayed. Arts and Economic Prosperity has been conducted a total of six times over the last 30 years.