JOPLIN, Mo. — The City of Joplin is looking at a big 2024 when it comes to city projects. Dozens of projects and nearly $90 million – that’s the goal in the City of Joplin’s proposed budget for 2024.

“It’s a larger budget the city has been fortunate to receive a tremendous amount of grant funding. We’ve worked really hard to take advantage of every opportunity that’s available to us to help improve this community,” said Nick Edwards, Joplin City Manager.

In fact, $48 million of the total comes from outside funding like state and federal grants. Road construction makes up some of the biggest costs – that includes more than $9 million to widen Zora east of Range Line. West 20th Street would also grow in a shared project with Jasper County.

“We were able to combine some funds and also use some of the ARPA grant revenue to really take care of that section of 20th from shipper Decker to eventually state line,” said Edwards.

A new splash pad is in the works for Ewert Park, with a price tag of $5 million. There’s the Dover outdoor recreation area and other parks and trails projects on the list. And still, other projects address city infrastructure.

“There’s nine stormwater projects proposed around town. We’ll also use it for economic development to unlock areas that were previously not developable with the addition of sewer lines and water lines,” said Edwards.

Also nearly $10 million on a runway at the Joplin Regional Airport.

It all adds up to $88.2 million – total costs that are well beyond what Joplin spends in a normal year.

“Probably not the record-setting year because of the tornado recovery, but it’s doubling the expenditures for capital improvements. And those are projects that the city will do that has a direct impact on the way the community feels and the maintenance of our infrastructure,” Edwards continued.

The City Council will finalize the budget by November 1.