JOPLIN, Mo. — Students from one local high school got the chance to learn about higher education opportunities and meet with potential future employers.

Approximately 1,600 sophomores, juniors, and seniors from Joplin High School and Franklin Tech met up at the schools Franklin Technology Center for its annual career fair. Here, students met with more than 60 representatives from universities, colleges, military branches, local businesses, career and tech schools, and industries.

“It opens the doors for the students. You know they don’t know what’s all out there and what’s available to them. We try to get them past that shyness stage just to go talk to someone at the table. And that’s the challenge for some of the kids, to be able to open up and speak to them and find out what the needs are,” said Steve Reed, Franklin Tech Assistant Director.

Reed says this is the tenth year the school has put on this career fair.