JOPLIN, Mo. — There are seven candidates for three open positions on the Joplin School Board this year.

Five of them took part in a public forum, tonight, at city hall.

The seven candidates were Jeff Koch, Derek Gander, Marda Schroeder, Michelle Steverson, Veronica Gatz Scheurich, Michael Landis, and Matthew Robertson.

“I appreciate the opportunity to serve again. I’ve got four kids in the district and one is a junior so trying to get him through the finish line. and I’m just happy to serve,” said Jeff Koch, Joplin School Board Candidate.

“This is an important election. kind of the future of the district. it’s important what we do each and every day so I’d appreciate your vote,” said Derek Gander, Joplin School Board Candidate.

“I just have the best interest of our students and teachers in mind. I have a daughter in high school, and currently, I have one that graduated. I myself was an eagle at one point in time. but I just would appreciate their vote,” said Michelle Steverson, Joplin School Board Candidate.

“It’s the rule of the school board to sit between the parents and school board to help direct the school district about how we want things to run as a citizen. I’ve got three kids in the district now and I want to be able to have a voice and direct that,” said Matthew Robertson, Joplin School Board Candidate.

Voters will decide a week from tomorrow. KGCS-TV out of Missouri Southern televised tonight’s forum.

It’ll be posted in its entirety on the station’s YouTube channel, here.