JOPLIN, Mo. — Millions of dollars in state funding means Joplin city officials will be tackling a much bigger list of water projects than expected.

The City of Joplin is getting more than $12,000,000 in state funding for stormwater infrastructure improvement.

It will address several sites around town, reducing the odds of flooding, putting in new culverts, and addressing issues with drainage ditches.

“From 17th Street to Ninth Street, 12th Street and Wall, Fifth Street, Porter,” said Tony Robyn, Joplin Asst. City Mgr.

The city will pay part of the total project costs, about $9,000,000 of city funds.

That comes from existing resources like city parks and stormwater tax revenue.

The city will also get millions more in state funds for sewer upgrades.

“We have sanitary sewer fees that pay for a lot of our programming. We’re using those funds to leverage against these grants to greatly expand and accelerate those opportunities. So what we would be able to do year to year from a capital fund perspective is very finite. This then doubles and even multiplies what we can do very quickly,” said Robyn.

The East Town neighborhood will benefit from that grant focus, the state is contributing about $3,600,000 for that.

Overall, it adds up to more than $16,000,000 from the state for Joplin city water projects.

City workers credit planning efforts in the past couple of years to rank priority projects within Joplin.

“It’s a game changer and it allows our current resources and sales tax revenues that fund a lot of our programming to be extended many years,” said Robyn.