JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin Public Library has a new feature, helping turn your child’s desire to play outside into a chance to learn.

The library officially unveiled its permanent StoryWalk this morning.

StoryWalks combines literacy with physical activity, giving kids the chance to learn new words, describe things and events, and experience reading in a new way.

Children’s librarians say this helps pair the boundless energy of a child with developing important life skills.

“You hear from parents of younger children a lot that it’s hard to get their child to sit for a whole book, which is fine, but this makes it so that you can match their energy while also sharing a book with them,” said Christina Matekel-Gibson, Children’s Librarian.

Librarians say the StoryWalk was made possible by a grant from the Stanley family, and the twenty aluminum posts for the walk were installed by Joplin Parks and Rec staff.