JOPLIN, Mo. — Sgt Thomas Bowen tells us that about midnight they received a call about an intoxicated individual in a parking lot, 1825 West 7th, located in a vehicle.

The description on the radio to EMS stated was armed with a weapon and threatening suicide. Emergency personnel were asked to standby in case they were needed quickly.

Sgt Bowen said the 56-year-old man had been inside an establishment and then was sitting in his own pickup truck on the parking lot. Joplin Police arrived and began negotiations, 1825 West 7th.

Talks didn’t seem to move forward so JPD SWAT Team and their armored MRAP vehicle arrived. Talks continued for hours.

12:20 AM NOTE: Numerous tipsters contacted us about police activity along west 7th and we passed along detailed information to avoid the area via text. We waited to release any video or information public until the situation was completely over so as not to threaten the police operation.


JPD SWAT Team and MRAP standby and numerous officers. METS Ambulance on standby as well as Joplin Fire Department Engine 5.


The SWAT & MRAP move to the rear of the building out of our sight. Sgt Bowen tell us later to be used as a back stop in case anything stray would have gone between the buildings and threaten the public.


Officers continued to talk on the loud speaker and then shortly after 5:30 AM officers were seen shuffling and entering the area on foot.

METS Ambulance moved in quickly and over the radio we heard, “staging for Rumors scene is secure,” which is the all-clear for EMS to move forward.

The situation was over.

Sgt Bowen tells us the man fired his own weapon, shooting himself in the lower chest area. He was transported priority one to an area hospital where his condition is currently unknown.

More official information in the form of a printed press release could come later today.

If you or someone you know are experiencing a mental health crisis call the crisis line. 417-347-7720. Can’t afford mental health care? Ozark Center has a free walk-in clinic. Click the image to link to that page.