JOPLIN, Mo. – Mayor Gary Shaw on Thursday, March 26, spoke in the daily update from Joplin City Hall on the C-19 crisis. He began by looking back on March 15th the President of the United States issued the message and program, “15 Days to Slow the Spread”, to keep social distance, wash hands regularly etc. The CDC is now though recommending that it extends beyond the 14 days.

“Here in Joplin right now we are going to follow these [Presidential] guidelines, our Governor has issued some guidelines, we have a city ordinance, an emergency ordinance, that has been been put in place.

Our staff has worked and continues to work on a stay-at-home ordinance, so if we need it? Then we have it where we can use it. But right now we are going to continue to do as we have been doing recently. And I just encourage all of our citizens to continue to use common sense.

Health care is telling us what to do to take care of ourselves. I went shopping and people were distancing themselves. It’s ok to get outside. If you want to get outside, do that. Sunshine, it helps us. It encourages us a little bit, and we need that encouragement right now.

We are a community that knows about tornadoes. And we all know we have a radar system set in place. But we wait until it is needed that we sound that tornado siren.

We want to continue the restaurants that have curbside service, and drive thru’s. Continue to support our businesses, we need to keep them strong and working.

Together we can get through this. And if we can get through this without a stay-at-home ordinance, we want to do that. But we are monitoring it by the hour, not by the day. But we will only do that if that’s what is in the best interest of our health and safety of our community.”

Council Bill No. 2020-002 – an ordinance prohibiting any public gathering of 50 or more persons except for educational institutions, daycare facilities, and business operations in the corporate limits of the City of Joplin during the duration of the Mayor’s Emergency Government Proclamation of State of Emergency in City of Joplin, State of Missouri dated March 18, 2020, or any extension thereof; authorizing the Mayor to issue an order amending which public gatherings are prohibited to protect public health, establishing a penalty for violating the prohibition; and containing an emergency clause.