JOPLIN, Mo. — There was some improv action this weekend at a Joplin coffee shop.

Experienced improviser Sue Ellen Reiman from Oklahoma City joined up with “Joplin Improv” to teach a two-day advanced improv skills workshop.

Before enrolling in the advanced workshop, it was highly recommended that participants had already taken an intro improv course.

Anne Wolfe, the co-founder of “Joplin Improv” says this class is a great way to build useful life skills and connect with the community.

“Especially for this area, I think it’s huge. We don’t have a ton of entertainment, especially free entertainment, that people can come and enjoy and I think having it open to the public where they can come in and do free drop-ins plus being able to come and see shows and get a little bit involved with the audience and just laugh together is huge,” said Anne Wolfe, Co-Founder, Joplin Improv.

“It teaches you not to be afraid of anybody, just get out there and say what you want to,” said Sue Ellen Reiman, OKC Improv.

They will have upcoming events later this week.

If you are interested in attending, you can visit their Facebook page, here.