JOPLIN, Mo. — Big delivery, today, for the food pantry at Joplin High School — All thanks to some of the good folks from the Joplin Family Y.

Teams of trainers last week collected nonperishables to see who could collect the most.

Ones who teach the aqua strength and training classes brought in the most, and had the privilege of delivering a pickup truck full of them today.

“Our students brought the boxes of food and they just did an outstanding job to help us out,” said Nancy Messick, YMCA Trainer.

“They did far above and beyond, everyone did and this was a wonderful community project and I can’t believe how much has been given,” said Letha DeMier, YMCA Trainer.

“You talk about an incredible partnership with Joplin Schools and the community to help us uh our pantry was nearly empty and we have a great need to service our students,” said Dr, Stephen Gilbreth, Principal, Joplin High School.

The ladies who teach aqua classes call themselves the Fighting Fins.